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Q: The word on the street is that the water department is now accepting old medicines. What's up with that?

A: Yes, the town is accepting old prescription drugs and other medicines you want to dispose of.

"We want to try to get those out of the waste stream and keep people from flushing them down the toilet," Water Resource Specialist Jeff Durbin said. "Some studies say that groundwater can be contaminated by steroids and some other substances."

At this time, that's all the town is collecting.

"We're starting out small because of limited resources, but some day we hope to be able to do a lot more with hazardous wastes," he said.

Bring your old medicines to the water department building at Town Hall.

Q: I heard they're building a new cafeteria at the high school. Any truth to that? And what ever happened to the high school parking fees issue?

A: "We're getting a new building paid for by the state facilities board and there will be a cafeteria in there," PHS Principal Phil Gille said. "However, it won't be a full kitchen and it will only seat 125, so it's not going to serve the over 1,000 people on campus. What it will do is replace our current system where the kids stand in line and there's no place to sit. We have a very limited number of kids and staff who eat on campus."

Gille said the high school will probably never have a cafeteria large enough to be able to close the campus at lunchtime, and said he opposes the idea anyway.

"As children grow up and become more responsible, they should get more freedom, and that's an important freedom to them," he said. "Probably 95 percent of our students make good decisions and are responsible, and when you close the campus, you take it from a positive environment and make it like a prison. You have to put fences up and hire a security guard and punish the ones who sneak out. I know it's somewhat of a burden on the community, but the fast-food people would be hurting if we closed the campus."

The new building, financed by the state school facilities board, will be located in the center of campus between the "C" building and the auditorium. It will also include six new classrooms to replace those located in the east wing.

The parking fee for PHS students, $15 per semester, has been approved by the school board and will take effect at the beginning of the second semester in January.

"It was pretty much uncontested," Gille said. "Everybody thought something needed to be done."

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