First Blood Drive Was Huge Success



Oct. 7, in our first blood drive, we netted 91 pints of blood out of 104 donors who came to the site at First Southern Baptist Church in Payson. Some were refused because they had low iron, bad colds or other conditions. A big thank-you to Dick and DeEtta Maloney of the Telephone Pioneers for mentoring us through this complex operation as coordinators and new sponsors from the Kiwanis of Zane Grey Country.

We certainly want to thank the techs from United Blood Services who kept things humming along. They talked to or tested fewer people than we had anticipated because of the autumn vacations, busy work lives, and other commitments. There was on average little wait time, in fact, some had barely enough time to read the informational brochure before being summoned for their interviews.

All of the people involved in this drive, except for the techs, were volunteers, most of whom help with the blood drive every three months, year in and year out. The process starts three weeks before the drive when all of the volunteers meet to receive the drive materials: posters and fliers for distribution to the local businesses for placement in windows. Then lists of names and phone numbers of past donors are distributed. The volunteers use these lists to call for appointments, and for the first time this year, lists of donors who sign up in advance for appointments will be distributed for the upcoming drive on Jan. 6. Following this, there is a pep talk from the regional coordinator, Myndi Brogdon, about the new developments in donating and processing and the mechanics of the drive for new people. The day before the drive, our callers call everyone again to remind all that the drive is the next day.

Bob Mykleby from Bashas' donated more than blood, as always. This time it included complete chicken dinners, pizza, and sub sandwiches for the UBS technicians. Chapman Chevrolet also pitched in to help again with the moving of the tables as part of the set up, and Dan Dillon from Safeway supplied juice and cookies for donors. We also want to thank the volunteer bakers for the delicious homemade cookies and the First Southern Baptist Church for volunteering their Youth room for this and other blood drives.

Thank you, Edna Harding of the church office staff, for being there all day to open rooms and lock them up when we were ready to leave, and the church custodian for his help in moving the tables at the end of the day.

What was new this drive was the availability and use of the 2RBC(Red Blood Cells) machine or the "Power Red." This machine allows donors to give more than one pint at the same appointment.

The way it works is that one pint is drawn and then the platelets, plasma and 500mg of a saline solution are given back to that donor.

After the process is repeated, a total of two pints have been drawn and the donor feels fine.

Myndi Brogdon did this herself during the drive. She said she felt fine after it was over. Congratulations, Myndi.

A big thank-you to all.

Bill and Kathryn Lee, Payson

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