What's Up?


Q: Taxpayers were promised access to the new track at the high school. Since no school events were planned for Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m., I expected the gates to be open. Instead, every one was locked. What gives? Is it open to the public or not? If it's only open during limited hours, it would be nice if those hours were posted.

A: "It will be open from now on," said Dave Bradley, Payson High School assistant principal and athletic director. "I left it unlocked, but (when) our maintenance people come through and find a lock, they lock things up. I apologize for that."

The walk-through gate in the northwest corner by the new bathroom is the one that will be left unlocked so people can use the new track.

Q: What happens to Shakey Joe's Songwriters Cafe now that the Mogollon Grille is closed?

A: While co-owner Sue McIntyre says Joe will most likely be invited back when the restaurant re-opens, Joe says he probably won't be able to wait that long.

"I've had several offers, and I'm considering one very carefully," Harless said. "Expect an announcement any day now."

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