Medical Personnel Were Wonderful



My husband and I enjoyed visiting Payson for about the past six years and are looking to retire in your area.

I have thought the people are so friendly and helpful, but my experience last Sunday (Oct. 6, 2002) just proved it more.

My sister lives in Deer Creek Village, and while visiting her, my husband and I decided to go to town and check out the craft fair and then go to bingo at the Elks Lodge. While at the Elks Lodge, I had a medical problem and one of the ladies (a nurse) there helped me, and another man said he knew CPR and offered to help. Someone called 911 and immediately the paramedics and ambulance were there to help and took to me the hospital. At the hospital, the medical staff was very attentive and I had excellent care.

I just want the people of Payson to know that incident reaffirmed our wanting to move to your lovely town.

A big thank-you to all who helped in my care that day. I know it's your job, but people need to know what wonderful medical personnel the town of Payson has available for them.

Margaret and Jack McNeil, Scottsdale

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