A Real Win-Win Proposition For Payson



I thought it would be useful to share my view on the importance of quality education resources for our future: our children and grandchildren.

Payson has what I consider a jewel in its existing elementary, middle and high school. I think it's safe to conclude that it didn't approach its state of excellence without a caring Payson citizenry and a quality staff of dedicated teacher and staff professionals. I have seen first-hand just how fine a group of teachers we have as a substitute teacher for the past two years. We are indeed fortunate in this community.

And now I see a great opportunity for us to extend our well-tuned education machine to the community college level by a "Yes" vote on Proposition 400.

There is an additional benefit for Gila County with the passage of Prop. 400. Currently, Gila County residents are paying $1,000,000 annually in tuition fees to other counties. This outflow stops with the adoption of community college local control, as provided in Prop. 400. That money "stays home" to benefit Gila County residents.

Rarely in this life do we find added benefit without some attendant incremental financial burden. But in Proposition 400, I believe we have a real win-win proposition.

While a retiree, I have an intense interest in the future of our kids, as I am sure you do, too. It's the wellspring of our future leaders, and we can never develop enough leaders. Help me energize this process by joining me in voting "Yes" on Proposition 400.

Lawrence D. Farrington, Payson

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