Reader Urges Support For Konopnicki



Dr. Bill Konopnicki will receive my vote for Arizona State Representative of District #5. I would like to encourage Payson area voters to support Bill with their votes, also.

During past elections, I have observed many voters select their candidates based upon religious persuasion, ethic environment, party affiliation, or some rationale that frequently does not really reflect the qualifications of the candidate, or impact the quality of service to be provided for the voters. Bill Konopnicki receives my support based upon his qualifications for the job.

I have known Bill for over 30 years. He has continually proven himself to be an honest, hard-working man. He believes deeply in family values. He believes in fairness and objectivity in decision making. While believing in a balanced state budget, he is a very dedicated task-oriented man, and supports quality education for ALL children.

Bill Konopnicki is a very successful and hard-working businessman! He knows and understands the challenges of "Rural Arizona" residents, farmers, ranchers, and business people. Prior to becoming a successful businessman, he served Gila, Graham, and Greenlee Counties as Coordinator of Vocational and Career Education. Bill provided quality leadership at that level. This included obtaining State and Federal funding for all school districts within these three counties, and assisting every school district with providing quality learning programs for all students. He was a very active "behind-the-scene" person in obtaining funding support for implementing new programs, improving programs and ascertaining whether programs were provided as planned, for all students.

Because of my personal knowledge of Bill's actions of the past, of his dedication to the future, his commitment to equality and fair-play, and his desire to provide high-quality service, I am 100 percent certain that Payson and northern Gila County will receive an equitable measure of his support as our representative during the state level decision-making process. Therefore, I urge each voter to consider the qualifications and commitment of Bill Konopnicki, and to vote for him as Representative for District #5.

Hoyt Kenmore, Payson

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