Opinion Was Born Of Fact, Not Fiction



I would like to call attention to the fact that it was not only the article in the Sept. 27 issue nor your so-called self-serving editorial, nor your alleged "anti-Murphy" campaign that has given me my perception of Ken Murphy. His behavior on occasions witnessed by me as well as things I have heard him say gave me the groundwork for my opinion of Ken Murphy. The articles in the Payson paper have merely substantiated it.

It is both unfair and inaccurate for Mr. Mumma to assume that I have based my opinion solely on one article and it is also unfair for him to blame you for my opinion, when you were only reporting the facts. Furthermore, it would seem by Mr. Mumma's letter that he also was not present at the time of "The Ox Box Incident" and I wonder where he got his facts.

I understand Mr. Mumma's need to dispute your reporting as well as my opinion if he truly believes what he says, but I specifically wanted to point out that the Payson Roundup is not responsible for how I feel. Others might like and respect our mayor, but I do not, and no amount of righteous letters and so-called "truths" are going to change what I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears.

While I respect the fact that Mr. Mumma and others like him have their opinion, I will also expect that they respect mine as well.

Amber E. Schuyler, Payson

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