What's Up?


Q: What's going on with all the construction at the airport?

A: A lot of things, according to Ted Anderson, airport manager.

"We have an FAA/ADOT grant project that consists actually of two different projects," Anderson said. "The total is just over $700,000, and it's being funded 91 percent by FAA, 4.5 percent by ADOT and the town's match is also 4.5 percent. We're getting a big bang for the dollar on this one."

The first is a T-hangar taxi lane infrastructure project on the southwest side of the airport.

"The FAA will not approve funding for revenue-generating projects, but they will do some infrastructure work for them," Anderson said.

Two or three more phases will be necessary to complete the project, but one of the town's corporate strategic plan goals is to make the airport more self sufficient.

The second part of the grant project is to straighten out a taxi lane on Echo Ramp on the east side of the airport.

A third project under way at the airport is a private enterprise.

"ACD Aviation, which handles refueling, is starting the groundwork to build a maintenance hangar between the main entrance road and the restaurant," Anderson said.

Q: I understand a Payson High School teacher has been fired for using materials in his classroom that contained profanity. Why is everyone so quiet about it?

A: The Roundup has been pursuing the matter with both Herb Weissenfels, school district superintendent, and Phil Gille, PHS principal. The teacher in question has not been fired, but has been reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation and recommendations by the district's attorneys.

"Some of what will happen we can't answer," Weissenfels said. "When we get a final conclusion, then it becomes a logical question (to answer),"

Because it is a personnel matter and has legal ramifications, Weissenfels and Gille declined to comment further.

As soon as the school district wraps up its investigation, the Roundup will have a complete story based on the evidence.

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