White Powder The Draw Of Cinch Hook Snow Play Area


Whether Cinch Hook Snow Play Area opens this winter depends on the weather.

But if there is enough snow so people don't tear themselves up sliding down the gravel pit, the Coconino National Forest personnel will have Cinch Hook open, according to recreation specialist Trish Callaghan.


Just north of Strawberry is the Cinch Hook snow play area, where folks can sled and tube the snowy hills.

However, the site will only be open weekends, she said. That is when there is personnel available to take care of it.

When there is no snow, the site, which is less than 10 acres, is a gravel pit with a flat area where road equipment can be parked.

Road equipment may have a role in the activity at the snow play area too, Callaghan said. It will not open if the road construction is not completed on Highways 260 and 87 in the area. She said she expects the construction will be completed though.

For more information, contact the Blue Ridge Ranger Station at (928) 527-3670.

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