Payson Bypass Would Benefit All



There has been a rumor about a bypass around the Highway 87 and 260 bottleneck junction to relieve the sharp turns that the trucks have to make. It is a disaster ready to happen, and truckers hate this town for that reason.

Some fear that it would hurt local business. Not so. Most out-of-town travelers want to see Payson and will come on into Payson to do so.

We read about everything taking shape, but too much money is going down the rat hole for things that are not important.

The Indians have a large surplus of money that they don't know what to do with, and could help with this project to their advantage. Also, the property owners beyond the reservation and Star Valley would be willing to help as it would increase the value of their property. The road could intersect 260 at the new stoplight that is tied to Tyler Parkway and Rim Golf Club road.

I do not know what part ADOT would play in this project unless it is to take money that we are entitled to and spend it in Maricopa County.

Some day, it is going to happen, so why not now?

"Spud" Henry, Payson

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