Town Council Approves Road Project Deal


Start planning your alternate routes now. Road work at the intersections of highways 87 and 260 is headed our way.

An improvement deal for the intersection of the two local thoroughfares has won approval.

The Payson Town Council heard about the deal from Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett at its Oct. 24 meeting.

The deal involves a revised intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation and a separate agreement with the builders of the Walgreens and Payson Hotel planned for the southwest corner of the intersection, the former site of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the old Hopi House and the Vita Health building.

The work included in the original project, approved in Feb. 2001, was:

Add a southbound right turn lane from Highway 87 onto Longhorn Road west bound;

Add an additional eastbound left turn lane from Longhorn Road onto Highway 87 north bound;

Extend the double left turn lane for westbound Highway 260 onto southbound Highway 87. This extension will be accomplished by closing the median cut on Highway 260 between McDonalds and Taco Bell;

Install a new traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 260 and the Wells Fargo Bank entrance.

Additional improvements approved at the Oct. 24 meeting were:

Extend the two eastbound left turn lanes on Longhorn Road to accommodate additional traffic expected with the construction of the new Walgreens and the Payson Hotel;

Add an additional right turn lane from eastbound Longhorn Road onto Highway 87 southbound;

Relocate the existing curb, gutter and sidewalk on the south side of Longhorn Road to accommodate the new lane changes; and

Relocate the traffic signal at the southwest corner of the intersection.

The complete project will cost an estimated $490,628. ADOT will pay $240,970 for the project and town will be responsible for $134,894, with the Evergreen Devco, Inc., the company building the new Walgreens paying $74,747 and Payson Hotel Investors, L.L.C., putting up $40,017, according to Garrett.

Garrett said work on the new Walgreens is expected to start in two weeks and finished in the summer of 2003. The road work will begin in March and is scheduled to be completed by Memorial Day weekend, he said.

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