What's Up?


Q: Is there any limit on how many dogs and cats a private homeowner can keep?

A: There used to be, but not any more, according to Lt. Don Engler of the Payson Police Department. When the current animal control ordinance was enacted, a specific number of pets was deleted.

"Now if they become a nuisance in any way, by barking or offensive odors or anything of that type, we can enforce that," Engler said. "But as long as they maintain their animals within the ordinance, there is not a limit to how many they can have."

Q: I've been reading about the new JTED technology district that's supposed to be decided in this year's general election. Why can't I find it on the ballot?

A: "It's not easy to find," said Herb Weissenfels, superintendent of Payson Unified School District. "It's buried right at the end of all the propositions and it's not highlighted as another proposition. Unless you're looking for it, it's really easy to miss."

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