How Do We Find The Truth Through The Lies?



There ought to be a law!

The mess that we have been subjected to during this election campaign lies and half-truths have assailed our eyes and ears. It amounts to Chinese torture of dripping water. How can we know when the truth creeps in?

The propositions have been hashed and rehashed. Millions of dollars are being spent to persuade the voters. Frankly, I believe that if you have to spend that much money to convince the voter, I suspect something has to be wrong with the premise of the proposition.

(Globe resident Roberta Johnson, candidate for Dist. 2 supervisor) is misrepresenting the facts concerning Prop. 400. The amount of taxes she claims is simply not true. The rate of 63 cents is frozen for this year. The rate of tax after this year will be determined by a locally elected board and the will of the people Gila County people.

As far as a 34-year relationship with Eastern Arizona College, the length of the relationship does not necessarily make a good relationship. I have no beef with EAC. I worked with them for 15 years as a member of the advisory committee. I think I still have a number of friends in that organization. I am not emotionally tied to EAC, as some seem to be. I do know that they look out for Graham County, first. That may be entirely proper, and likewise, we also must look out for Gila County first. I think we are capable of handling our own affairs.

I will not stoop to the tactics that are being fed to us daily. I admit that taxes will possibly increase as time goes by. As the price of goods and services increases, so will taxes.

Speaking of taxes, the $1 million that we will not have to pay if we pass Prop. 400 will translate into $2 million. The one million that we do not have to pay, will be a million dollars that we will have available to spend here in Gila County. It may be only 2 percent of the county budget, but it is a million dollars to me!

Please vote for Proposition 400!

Doyle Coffey, Served 16 years on the EAC Advisory Committee

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