Fetch Your Favorite Photos For The Fair


The shutter is closing on photographic entries for the annual Northern Gila County Fair.

Photographers are urged to get their prints ready for the amateur and professional competitions at the Northern Gila County Fair. The fair is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 20-22, at the Pine Community Center.

There are no entry fees, and all residents or property owners in Gila County are eligible to enter.

Ribbons and money, $3 first place, $2 second, and $1 third, will be awarded in each of 18 categories for both black-and-white and color. An individual photographer could win many awards.

Junior entries, for those 17 and under, and seniors, 75 and over, will be judged and awarded prizes separately.

This year's judge will be Tempe-based landscape photographer Jeff Snyder. Snyder recently won the prestigious First Place AHA award, for the most outstanding photography appearing in Arizona Highways magazine in 2001.

The rules for entering photos:

All entries for the Pine fair must be color or black-and-white prints, 5x7 inches or larger, but no bigger than 11x14.

Prints may be printed by the photographer, by a photo lab, or on a computer printer. Computer prints must be of high enough quality to be judged against lab prints, otherwise they will be disqualified.

All prints, regardless of size, must be mounted on or within mat boards that are at least 8x10 and no bigger than 11x14 inches, with the 11x14 size preferred. The mat boards must be stiff enough to stand up without sagging. No photos in frames or with glass can be displayed.

All entries must be pictures taken by the photographer.

Amateurs and professionals will be judged separately. Generally, if you earn any money from photography, have had photographs published, or work as a reporter, you are a professional. Otherwise, you are considered an amateur.

The 18 categories for which prizes will be awarded within each subdivision of Amateur, Professional, Junior and Senior in both Black-and-White and Color, are:

1) landscapes and natural features,

2) skies and storms,

3) trees and flowers,

4) close-up of nature subjects,

5) wildlife,

6) cityscapes, buildings, and man-made subjects,

7) rustic structures,

8) close-up of man-made objects,

9) people and their activities,

10) portraits, candid or posed,

11) pets and domestic animals,

12) emotions,

13) humor,

14) motion or action,

15) night photography,

16) abstract or patterns,

17) darkroom or digital manipulation (beyond normal "tweaking" of images),

18) other.

You may submit as many photos in each category or in total as you wish. Since you are allowed to earn multiple prizes in a single category, if you have several photos of similar subjects, submit them all in that category. In any case, it is at the discretion of the judge to move photos to other categories, so that like will be judged against like.

Fair books and entry tags are currently available at the Pine Museum and the Payson Public Library. They will also be available at the door at the time of submission.

For more information about photography rules, call Ed Toliver at (928) 476-4596. For more information about the fair, call Walter or Willene Smith at (928) 476-3587.

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