Golden Days Coming In Pine


The Mogollon Rim country may not yet be golden Sept. 20-22, but those three dates will be golden days in Pine. The Northern Gila County Fair will open for the 50th year.

Held at the Pine Community Center and at a site off the old County Road, the golden anniversary fair will feature entries in a dozen divisions:

Horse show and livestock;

Agriculture and horticulture;


Home making arts

Domestic science


Hobbies and handicrafts

Minerals and lapidary

Fine arts


School exhibits

4-H members

It costs nothing to enter the fair, but there is money to be won, along with ribbons. Ribbons will be awarded to the top four entries: fourth place, green; third place, white; second place, red; first place, blue. A purple ribbon will go to best of show and a yellow ribbon will be awarded to special exhibits. Cash awards are made to the winners of the first, second and third place ribbons, $3, $2 and $1 respectively.

There will also be a special Family Award given to the family which has the most total awards among the immediate family living under one roof, based on a point system for first, second and third place awards. Family members must enter in at least two different departments. Each family participating in the contest for this special award will need to pick up a special form and fill it out after entries are judged. It must be returned to the fair committee by 3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 21.

Entries are due between noon and 6 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 19, except for livestock. Livestock, rabbits and birds must be in place by 8 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 21.

Livestock must be removed by Saturday afternoon and rabbits and birds must be removed by 4 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 22. All other entries must not be moved until 4 p.m., Sunday. Removal prior to the designated times will result in forfeiture of premium awards.

Activities for the horse show and livestock category include:

weigh-in for 4-H and FFA junior livestock animals, 10 a.m., Friday;

judging of livestock showmanship classes, 2 p.m., Friday;

small animal check-in, 7 to 8 a.m., Saturday;

open horse show starts, 8 a.m., Saturday;

livestock auction, 11 a.m., Saturday, with horse show breaking for auction;

buyers dinner, noon, Saturday;

removal of livestock, 3 p.m., Saturday;

llama show and judging, 7 to 11 a.m., Sunday;

small animal judging, 7 to 8 a.m., Sunday;

fun day, 1 p.m., Sunday; and

removal of rabbits and birds, and small animals, 4 p.m., Sunday.

Horse show entries must be into the show secretary by 6 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 19. Mail entries to P.O. Box 1386, Pine, 85544, or call 476-0809, after 2 p.m.

The horse show is restricted to only Gila County exhibitors and horses and contestants can only enter one horse per lot.

Among the classes planned for the horse show are: judging; halter; showmanship; bareback equitation; western or English pleasure riding; western horsemanship; 4-H horsemanship; stock horse; trail riding; utility driving; pleasure driving; and English equitation.

The fun day for the horse show will be a series of games to be determined by the judges. Examples of some games that may be played: barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole, flag racing, etc.

The livestock auction will feature animals raised by members of the 4-H and FFA organizations: sheep, beef and hogs.

In the small animal contests, the 4-H grand champions in rabbit and poultry will win trophies.

The horse show, livestock, small animal and 4-H and FFA livestock portion of the fair will take place at a site off the old County Road, while the rest of the fair will be at the Pine Community Center.

The agriculture and horticulture department will have 17 different classes, with subclasses in each: apples; pears; peaches; plums and prunes; miscellaneous fruits and herbs; potatoes; vegetables, which has 105 different subclasses; corn, dry ears; dried vegetables and fresh salsa; dried fruit; nuts, in shell, and berries; flour; threshed grain, head exhibits; threshed grain, sheaf and stalk exhibits; miscellaneous crops; and apiary.

Floriculture has seven classes. As part of the floriculture division, there will be a special exhibit of bonsai, with a demonstration at 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 21.

The homemaking arts department has 20 classes of sewing and also includes dolls. The domestic science division is for baking, candy and smoked and dried fish and meat.

The canning department has 12 classes and features three special awards.

To honor the individuals who excel in the art of home food preservation, Alltrista Corporation is offering 12 coupons, valued at $5 each, toward Ball brand or Kerr brand home canning products and eight Ball Blue Book home canning guides.

To promote the art of preparing soft spreads and safe home food preservation, Ball brand and Kerr brand home canning products are offering a special award. The winner will be selected among those meeting specific requirements outlined in the fair book, which is available at the Pine Museum and Payson Public Library. The prize will be one custom recipe card and label set, one box each Ball 100 percent Natural Fruit Jell Pectin and Ball 100 percent Fruit Jell No-sugar-needed Pectin, one dozen decorative lids, one $5 Ball brand or Kerr brand home canning products coupon and one set of Ball recipe brochures.

To promote the art of pickling food and safe home food preservation, Ball brand and Kerr brand home canning products and Heinz Vinegar are offering a special prize as well.

Contestants will be selected from those using specific tools, as outlined in the fair book. The winner will receive one complete Ball home canning utensil set, which includes a jar lifter, canning funnel, lid wand and bubble Freer, one $5 Ball brand or Kerr brand home canning product coupon, one set of Ball recipe brochures, a copy of Heinz Successful Pickling Guide and coupons valued at $5 off Heinz Vinegar.

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