Loyalty To The Candidate From The North



As many of us north of Roosevelt Bridge are aware, there exists a smoldering sense of resentment towards the county seat in Globe. This resentment towards the power structure in Globe can be summed up quite simply as, We in the north feel like we are treated as "poor cousins."

Even though there may be more need, more workload etc. on this end of county, the lion's share of the resources for such go to Globe.

I am not Globe bashing, as I believe there are many fine and caring people residing in the southern end. Unfortunately for the south, the copper mines have been downsizing production and many of these fine people have lost their livelihood. No caring person can feel anything but heartfelt sympathy for those who have lost their jobs.

As a result of the south's economic loss, the stark reality for the north is higher property taxes. I am sure that you can guess where the higher property values are at present and will continue as copper production decreases.

Superior Court Judge James Hazel is running for election and, I am hoping that everyone sends a loud and clear message: We in the north want to keep at least one position.

Judge Hazel, who is from the north, won the county attorney seat and then was appointed by the governor to replace Judge Dawson who retired mid-term. This was a very stunning blow to the power structure in the south.

County government is a cash cow for the southern end of the county.

The south has a candidate that they have put up to run against Judge Hazel. This person does not have near the courtroom experience or expertise but, he is from the south and that is all that matters.

Since Judge Hazel has taken the bench, we in the north have experienced more court services right here in Payson, including trials. The contract attorneys in the south complain about driving to Payson on occasion; our attorneys have been driving to Globe for years.

I am well aware that a few people here in Payson have taken this southern candidate who is running against Judge Hazel, around to a few of our service clubs - Shame on you. Where is your loyalty? Is it really too much for the north to keep at least one position?

I hope you will fully support our northern candidate.

Jerry Daugherty, Payson

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