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Q: The Payson Town Council should get a dial-a-ride program going for senior citizens. A lot of us have lost our licenses or our old cars don't run. There are also many minimum wage workers who have no transportation. Is anything being done?

A: Payson Mayor Ken Murphy agrees with you.

"There are several of us on the council that would like to see us have some kind of shuttle service available and it has been discussed in some depth, but we haven't so far bit the bullet to do it," the mayor said. "It's something we can use during the day for people who need rides to their doctors, and in the evening it could be used to help the local night life to keep the streets safe. We're looking at some grants and we really need to keep working on this until it gets done."

Q: There's a new dress code for teachers in the Payson Unified School District, and I think that's great. They won't let teachers show any body piercings other than their ears, but shouldn't their tattoos be covered as well?

A: There is not a new dress code for teachers. But in its goals for the year, the board did ask each principal to address the issue of a "more professional demeanor" with his or her staff. We talked to several principals who said they are handling the matter on an individual basis. In only one case has a "code" been put in writing.

The district office suggests you contact the principal at the particular school you're interested in for specifics.

All three principals we talked to seemed perplexed by the tattoo part of your question. One said he had never seen tattoos on any of his teachers. Another said a tasteful tattoo, say on the ankle, would not be disallowed.

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