Drugs Throw Decency Out The Window


Sunday around 5:30 a.m. two women stopped to help a man who hit an elk on Highway 260, but after giving him a ride to a pay phone, they went back and looted the contents of his car.

Why would these ladies pretend to be good Samaritans and then turn around to rob an innocent bystander?

The cause of this collapse in humanity is allegedly due to illegal drugs. They were later arrested with methamphetamines and marijuana.

Each day, crimes are committed by otherwise decent people because the drugs become more important than anything else in their lives more important than their families, relationships, education, work, decency.

Newspaper headlines across America illustrate this sad truth. Drugs can make a person steal, lie, beat their wives or children, and even kill because their view of life is seen through the filter of a poisonous addiction.

Those who would have us legalize drugs would like us to believe that more crimes are committed because drugs are shunned by society and made illegal. But this is a lie an illusion created by the influence and dark power of the drugs themselves.

In a small community like Payson, many of us see firsthand the destruction these drugs cause every day. We watch as the lives of our neighbors, friends and children we grew up with become distorted and eroded by their quest for drugs like methamphetamines.

It's heartbreaking to see them arrested for crimes they never would have dreamed of committing before the drugs took over their lives.

We ask our readers to never accept the lie that drugs should be legalized. Support the leaders and legislators who know the truth about dangerous drugs and don't ever stop trying to keep your children, family and friends away from drugs that will only lead them down a terrible road in life they were never meant to travel.

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