Labor Day Bash Was A Blast In Village



Did anyone venture on to Highway 260 Monday? Did it remind you of the Valley traffic?

My husband and I went fishing at Willow Springs and got caught in a downpour and hail about noon, so we headed back to Tonto Village. It took us 15 minutes from the Willow Springs turnoff to find a break in the stream of cars heading south.

Of course, they were all in a hurry to get home, but there was one speed only, SLOW.

It was a relief to get back to the Village where it was quiet and not too much traffic.

That can't be said of Saturday, however.

There was wall-to-wall traffic here for our Labor Day Bash & Barbecue and parade.

The parade was the biggest yet. The quads had the most entries ever. Ethel and Danny Cain, dressed up as patient and nurse, and the Reeves family from Mead's Ranch, dressed up as the crew from Gilligan's Island on the "DD Minnow," tied for first-place honors.

Honorable Mention went to Mike Preston who towed an old Model T Ford.

The "Kids n' Kritter" part of the parade was fun to watch. The children came up with some very original ideas.

First-place winners went to Scout and Wrigley Harper, dressed up as Blue Boy & Girl with Blue dog. The dog's name is Harper and she is a cross between a labrador and a golden retriever.

Second-place winner was Isreal Kamp with his dog dressed up as a baseball player, (the Mets?) and third-place winner was Paige Rensch with her dog, Zoe, a golden retriever, who was dressed up as a hitchhiker. All the children's ideas were very good, and all the entries were treated to ice cream cones at the fire station.

Fire business

There will be a meeting of the auxiliary to the Tonto Village Fire District at 10 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 7, at the fire house to tally up the results of the Labor Day Bash.

There was a camera left at the fire station Saturday. Please contact Chief J.R. Alliger at 478-4875 or at 478-0404 to identify it and it will be returned.

Election day

On a more serious note, please don't forget about the primary election on Sept. 10. This is just as important as the election itself, it gets your candidate on the ballot for the general election.

My husband and I are going to be acting as clerks at the Boy Scout Camp. This is where the voting will be taking place for the Zane Gray District. I hope I will see you there.

Blessings, Bible study

Richard and Pat Watson has an update on their son Tim, who has been battling cancer. He is now in partial remission. Everyone's prayers have surely made a difference.

The Tonto Village Chapel will be holding a potluck luncheon Sunday, Sept. 8 starting at 12:45 p.m. Please bring your favorite dish along and enjoy some great food and conversation with your neighbors. A reminder that there will be Bible Study classes at 7 p.m., every Thursday at the chapel.

Pool sharks

Pool winners for this week include Sunday's winners who were Peter Speiss, Harvey Poyner and Doug Paul. Linda Stailey, Pat Bates, and Grace Daniels were the big winners for Tuesday's ladies nine- ball tournament. There were no costumes this week, they are waiting for someone to come up with another great idea.

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