Play Springer To Put Odds In Our Favor



Diamondbacks Manager Bob Brenly wins games by playing the odds. He is well known for making the switches required to put the odds in favor of the Diamondbacks. We can and should do no less in the race for the next Arizona Governor.

Carol Springer knows the state budgeting system. She knows where the pork is being wasted and where the opportunities might be found.

Throughout the next four years, nothing, not education, not 500,000 jobs, will be as important to the state and its future as restoring its fiscal health. We must manage the massive deficit and put the state on a responsible path to recovery. There is no higher priority. Everything else follows. Think about it. You would not buy a second car or upgrade your home until you had your personal budget healthy enough to afford it. So it should be with the state budget.

Carol Springer has spent years watching where every penny has been spent. No candidate has a better appreciation of the state's finances. The odds are that Carol Springer can pull our billion dollars of fat out of the fire if anyone can. We, the voting public and responsible taxpayers, should put her in the game. After we are healthy, think about an education or government reorganization candidate if you think it is prudent. But now, go for our best chance of winning.

Of the candidates, only Carol has been there. Hers is a proven record. Tearing government apart to find savings is the cry of an unimaginative hatchet man. I can see why no state employee would go for that approach.

Touting one's questionable record while mismanaging the paltry campaign finances should scare us to death. Those are patronizing political statements which you hear at the beginning of every election.

Let's use our head. Play the odds.

Put Carol Springer into the game.

Robert Privette, Pine

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