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Q: Why is Rim Country Middle School investing so much money to put in a basketball court when they already have a gym? The money could be better spent on other improvements the school needs like remodeling the bathrooms and replacing ceiling tiles. They have desks and tables there that are wired together.

A: "Actually that's a darn good question," said Rim Country Middle School Principal Frank Larby.

He said the money to build the new basketball court came from the state's School Facilities Board, and they determine how it will be spent.

"It's not a matter of here's the money make whatever improvements you think are necessary," Larby said. "An audit was done on all of the schools on needs and this is what came back from them. This is the state saying you get a basketball court."

But Larby has a plan to make it into more than a basketball court.

"I view it as an area we can make into a school plaza," he said. "We'll look at buying some tables for the kids. That way we can start to address one of the larger needs we got from surveys of parents and kids (improving the) appearance of the campus."

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