A Question Of Integrity



I must respond to the recent letter to the editor written by Jerry Daugherty concerning the upcoming election for Gila County Superior Court judge.

Contrary to Mr. Daugherty's assertions, this is not and should not be a "North vs. South" issue. The issue should be who is the most qualified to be a judge for all of Gila County.

The allocations of judicial services is the responsibility of the presiding judge (Robert Duber) and the board of supervisors. It is obvious that Mr. Daugherty has not examined the credentials of Peter Cahill, for if he had, he would have discovered that Mr. Cahill has been practicing law for more than twice as long as Judge Hazel and has extensive courtroom experience with both criminal and civil cases and that is why he has been endorsed by the retired chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, Thomas Zlacket.

Finally, there is one issue in this campaign which is far more important than which town the candidates reside and that is the issue of integrity.

Mr. Hazel made numerous promises when he was running for county attorney, one of which was that he would focus his attention on being county attorney throughout the length of his term. As soon as Judge Dawson's retirement was made public, Mr. Hazel abandoned his pre-election promise and actively pursued and ultimately got the governor's appointment.

The appointment was clearly political because he was the only Republican candidate for the position.

It's interesting to know that on Hazel's campaign signs, he asks the public to re-elect Judge Hazel. Mr. Hazel was never elected judge, but he would have the public be misled into thinking otherwise.

I'm voting for Peter Cahill because he is the best qualified candidate for Superior Court judge.

Ted Paulk, Star Valley

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