Driving Is Not A God-Given Right



This is an open letter to a number of Payson drivers who feel that it is "their God-given right" to drive any way they wish ... making up their own rules ... and putting other drivers in jeopardy. I understand the concept of defensive driving, but this borders on the ridiculous.

Driving isn't a multiple choice test ...

a. I'll stop at the red light.

b. I'll run the yellow and hope I make it.

c. I'll run the red light.

d. None of the above. (What red light?)

Every day, you see drivers tailgating, rolling through stop signs or ignoring them altogether, running yellow or red lights, putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. Watch Phoenix news reports each day and see how many lives have been changed by the dangerous, angry, careless, or just ignorant driver ... It is on the news every day. Do you want this in our community ... A community known for its caring, compassionate spirit? I don't think so.

When you receive your driver's license, it is assumed that you understand how to drive safely and are willing to follow the rules of the road. If you should hit my car, be sure you have your car ownership papers and your home mortgage with you ... because I'm going to own it all.

Donn C. Morris, Payson

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