Local Poets Put Their Thoughts In Verse




by Ashley Dryer, Payson High School

Ashes, smoke

Flesh and flames


Jumping, crying

Falling, dying


Sirens, screaming

Barking, crying


Tears, blood

No air, breathless


Crashing, falling

Death and pain


Anger, revenge

Sorrow, forgiveness


The sun shines through

The darkness still shows

But the light grows in the American heart

Farewell Darkness

The Spirit of America

by June Kuwitzky, Payson resident

O beautiful for spacious skies

With towers standing high

Our Country proud untouchable

Would soon see thousands die.

The planes came out of nowhere

Or so it seemed that hour

America so safe and sound

The leading world-wide power.

Terrorists surprised us all

That fateful day in September

Crushing a New York skyline

Which everyone would remember.

The terrorists attacked again

Almost at the same time

Four planes crashed into our nation

What a vicious, dastardly crime.

Police and fire fighters answered the first rescue sound

And stood by tearfully as no survivors were found.

But the thing they would never conquer

No matter how hard they would try

Is the spirit of Americans

Who heard the battle cry.

A country stunned with grief and shock

Showed red, white and blue on every block

For America from sea to shining sea

Will retaliate this attack

And the enemy will be crushed as

America will fight back.

The Disaster of Life

by Kelsey Benz, Frontier Elementary School

A plane crashes. The building falls down. People scream. People run. People watch. Down. The ambulance comes. The sirens ring and ring. Down. And, ring. A helicopter comes. It whirs around and around. Hearts pounding. Lives buried. Terror comes and comes and comes. Tears dropping. Hearts Broken. Goodbye wonderful buildings, goodbye.

The End.

A New Beginning

by Tyler Pettet, PHS graduate

One morning was all that was needed,

For me that is when I started believing.

I realized that morning that we were one,

A nation helped each other under God.

But my question, God, is why you let them do this?

Why did all these people have to die? Why God, Why?

I know you were with Todd Beamer, God,

I know you helped him win.

Another question for you God,

Is why didn't you help the rest of them?

Sept. 11, God, is the day I started to believe,

As my friends and I clutched one another

Asking not to die.

But then I remembered,

You didn't make them die Lord,

You brought them home to Heaven.

Then, as a nation you helped us,

By rescuing and rebuilding our country.

Over time we will always remember,

Where we were or what we were doing,

But as time passes we can only honor the lives

That had passed, but they will never be forgotten.

The Hurtful Pain

by James Rivas, Payson Center for Success

The many lost

The tears shed

Hurt and sorrow

Were all that were fed.

The pain I feel

So deep inside

Hurts me more to even hide.

I always wonder if it will come again

Those few planes

That brought all that terror and pain.

I was one who lost one too.

I feel pain

Like all of you.

But all I can do

Is sit and watch.

And hope that all is not lost.

The News Was Long

by Jon Beeson, Payson High School

The news was long

But the message was the same.

The towers were gone

And people had died in vain

On that September day.

I heard it on the radio

So I turned on my TV

I changed it to the news show

And I saw the people flee

On that September day.

There was smoke in the sky

And fire reached for the air.

I began to sob and cry

And I became awfully scared

On that September day.

They thought that we would run and hide

Because Americans were not strong.

We grouped and showed our tremendous pride

And proved the cowards wrong

On that September day.

A year has come and gone,

But we shall always remember.

The line that was drawn

On that day of last September,

On every single day.

Terrorist Attacks Up Rage

by Christopher Donaldson, Payson High School

The morning of September 11th

I woke up to my mom's crying

As I was informed of many people dying

But, I knew some heroes were going to Heaven.

Why would people want to do this

The hearts of those are too very cold

But this great country will never fold

Of course, the lost lives we shall miss.

Many people were hurt with pain that day

They showed their courage but yet still mourned

To many our great country was reborn

Our great persident said there will be a price to pay.

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