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Q: I was told that the in-school suspension building that Payson High School and Rim Country Middle School use was condemned at the end of last year. It's still being used. What's up?

A: That's the building on the right hand side when you turn into the PHS dome parking lot on the south side. Through the in-school suspension program, PHS and RCMS students who are being disciplined can continue to do their regular school work in a structured environment.

"We have a classified teacher in there and an aide," Rim Country Middle School Principal Frank Larby said. "For some kids, it works out really really well; some kids really like that structure and get a lot of work done in there."

Now to your question. The state's School Facilities Board has directed PHS to construct new space for the program. Once that's done, the current building will be used for non-student purposes.

To accomplish this, the building has to be classified as "condemned," but it is in no way unsafe.

Q: I heard there was a scabies epidemic going on at Payson Care Center, that workers are bringing it home and their children are taking it to school. Why hasn't the place been quarantined?

A: We heard it was Manzanita Manor. It turns out there were a couple of cases at each facility, but hardly an "epidemic."

"It's a little mite that gets into the skin and a couple of people were identified with a very small amount," said Ken Murphy, who is back at the helm of Manzanita Manor. "You treat it and you clean the room. Everybody's been treated and everybody's fine."

Meanwhile over at Payson Care Center, Director of Nursing Lucinda Campbell says things are "totally under control."

"An epidemic implies that it was contagious and it's not. It's transmitted by prolonged, and I emphasize 'prolonged,' skin-to-skin contact. A couple of people came down with symptoms no confirmed cases. But what you usually do in a facility where everybody works, lives, eats and breathes in close proximity is you just treat everybody."

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