A Day Of Pride


One year ago today, one year ago this very minute, you were glued to the television.

I want you to think back. Think of the thoughts you were having, think of the emotions you were feeling, think of the fear that ran through your heart.

Do you remember the anger you had the feeling that you could do nothing, no matter how much you wanted to? Remember the hatred?

Now turn this around. Think of the tears you shed, think of the hugs you gave, think of the love you found. Think of the pride you had in your country.

Today is not a day of fear, a day of anger or a day of mourning, but a day of remembrance, a day of striving for peace and yet a day when we can look into the flag and know what it stands for.

Today is a day of pride.

Holly Lane, PHS Student Body President, to students at the Sept. 11 flag ceremony

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