Bears Still Inhabit Neighborhoods



Christopher Creek is being taken over by bears. These cute, but dangerous beasts are showing up everywhere.

Last Thursday, I heard a ruckus. I had an aluminum garbage can outside; nothing was in it, I just keep it for backup. It was around midnight and I heard something pounding on this can trying to get in it. I thought it was a raccoon. Then it got closer near my dumpster and I heard a lot of scurrying around.

As I sat up in bed and tried to look out the window, I saw this enormous black shadow go by. I flew out of bed slammed the window and this 500-pound bear jump up my 6 foot wall and headed out back. It was enough to make me sleep with the windows shut for the next few days.

What was really scary was that if he stood up or just put his paws up to the window he could have been in our bed.

He came back two days later and managed to get two bags of garbage, drag them across Hunter Creek Drive, hop the wall and go down in the meadow and have a party. This same bear has been all over Christopher Creek knocking over garbage cans and stealing garbage.

Pam Milhon lives on Columbine Road. Late one night, she heard something outside; she thought the neighbors were working on the house next door. She got a flashlight, went outside to tell them to stop and there was this black bear in the back of the neighbor's truck going through the garbage. She said she shined the light and yelled and this big guy stood up and took a few steps toward Pam. Pam decided it was time to flee.

In the freezer

Gertrude Kuntz who lives across from The Lodge said a large female and a cub found her freezer on her porch, got in it and removed half the contents. They moved the freezer almost off the porch, knocked over her dryer and took whole frozen chicken, beef and pork out into the yard. They have been back several times, but can't get in now that it's locked. Gertrude said she has had that freezer there for 32 years and never had to lock it.

The dry summer and all the highway construction have the bears on the move and looking for food. It seems these bears are getting aggressive and we all need to be very careful.

Please don't feed the bears

Officials from the Arizona Game and Fish Department were here and said they have set a trap at Skip Ashby's property. But this is one smart bear. The other night, he got his arm in the trap, got the food and set it off, but it didn't get him.

Game and Fish spokesmen said all garbage must be locked up until collection day. That means do not put your garbage out until one hour before the truck is scheduled to arrive. Yes, it is an inconvenience but if we keep food away from them, they will leave the area.

Those of you who are feeding the animals, Game and Fish warn that it could lead to their demise. If the game wardens have to catch the bear, it will have to be relocated or destroyed. Please don't feed the animals. You are not doing them any favors. They are wild animals, and can fend for themselves.


The Firebelles are looking for someone to run bingo next year. Bingo has been around a long time, and has helped to buy equipment for the fire department.

The Firebelles need a manager, coordinator and a supervisor. It is a commitment, but they feel it has been an important part of the community and hate to see it go.

If you are interested you can call Penny or Bob Wells at 478-4404.

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