Election Work Full Of Excitement



I mentioned in last week's column that my husband Bill and I would be acting as clerks for the Zane Grey precinct at the R Bar C Boy Scout camp for the Sept. 10 primary election. It was quite an experience, one that we had not had before.

The election booths were in the main dining hall, and it was a very nice view from the picture windows. We had some excitement besides the election itself. We all noticed smoke or clouds on the west side of the canyon. Luckily, the fellow in charge, Jeff Daniels, was a fireman from Christopher/Kohl's Fire District, so he called a fellow fireman, and determined that it was indeed smoke. The Forest Service was called also, so they all proceeded to go up the canyon and check it out. Sure enough, it was an abandoned campfire. It was quickly contained by them with a bit of help from the rain.

Later on in the day, an elk cow meandered into the meadow and gave us quite a show by just strutting around while we watched her.

Most of the people who helped with the election were veterans and taught Bill and me the things we needed to know to run a good election precinct. We want to thank all of them for the things they taught us and to one of the gals who made a fantastic "Election Stew" for us to enjoy.

It was nice to greet some of our neighbors from Tonto Village as they came to vote. Bill and I were surprised that we knew as many people as we did. Some even recognized my face from the photograph in my newspaper column. We will be doing this all over again for the general election Nov. 8.

T.V. Fire District Auxiliary

The Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary held a meeting this past Saturday to go over the receipts and proceeds from our Labor Day Bash.

It was great news: We were able to write a check to the Fire District Board for $1,000. That amount will help defray the cost of the hotel rooms for the fire school that our firemen attended the first week in September.

Tonto Village III

For Tonto Village III residents: the annual potluck will be held this Saturday (Sept. 14) starting at 4 p.m. You are reminded to bring a salad or dessert and $2 to defray the cost of the meat. The location will be at the last cul-de-sac in T.V. III.

Pool Sharks, et al.

The lucky winners of Sunday's pool tournament were Doug Paul, Phyllis Mullen and Pat Bates. In Tuesday's ladies tournament, Linda Stailey, Phyllis Mullen and Pat Bates were the big winners. Great shooting everybody.

I did forget to mention a birthday last week, Jo Ann Kennedy celebrated another candle on her birthday cake Sept. 8. Happy belated birthday, JoAnn.

A reminder that Bible study classes will be each Thursday of every month in the Chapel. Classes get started at 7 p.m. Come on out and learn more about your Bible.

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