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Q: I did not know Margaret Murphy had died. Would you give us the date when she died?

A: Local historian Stan Brown referred to "the late Margaret Murphy" in a recent article. He apologizes for the misstatement.

"That's a big mistake," he said. "She's living in Phoenix."

Murphy is the daughter of Dick and Angela (Beluzzi) Taylor, and was born on the Doll Baby Ranch. Her father, who owned the Diamond H Ranch, also worked as a cowboy for several different outfits, according to "Rim Country History."

Q: I don't understand why the Roundup doesn't print reminders for smokers to be more careful and to not throw cigarettes out of car windows. The latest fire in Strawberry was man-made. Smokers should be more responsible.

A: Despite rumors to the contrary, Forest Service officials say that while the Five Mile Fire was human-caused, it was not caused by a cigarette tossed from a car window. The fire is still under investigation, but it started too far off the roadway for that to be an option.

The Roundup does take opportunities like this to remind people to be extremely careful in avoiding behaviors that can cause fires.

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