Lowering Speed Limit Will Not Help Enforcement



The town council vote to raise the speed limits is the latest action to swat at flies while the elephants are stomping in the living room.

The signs posted for 15 mph have never been enforced. Without enforcement, there is no meaning to the 15 mph. Raising these speed limits doesn't provide any more staff to enforce the 25 mph limits either.

That issue was not addressed, although it surfaced during the discussion before the vote. The real issue is that the police department does not have the staff to monitor 'routine' enforcement of laws or ordinances that are being ignored every day, and must focus on the "critical" incidents where harm or damage has already been done. The last-minute request to get data on lights or other warning devices does not address the fundamental issue.

Safety is about preventing problems, not about applying first aid after the fact. Safety is about closing the barn door before the horses are out.

These remarks don't apply, of course, to the great majority of people who do try to adhere to the posted signs. They understand and practice their personal responsibility. On the other hand, those who are the problem will continue to put people at risk by their less responsible actions.

The council fails to act responsibly when they act as if their only options are to vote up or down on anything on the agenda, particularly when the issue is hardly an emergency requiring immediate action. Although the safety of our children was when the lower limits were posted. What changed?

Lew Levenson, Payson

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