Fishing Is Fine At Roosevelt Lake



Fishing at Roosevelt has been so good lately it's hard to find lures that aren't working during the early morning and evening hours.

There is a time during the day, however, where it takes a little more refined approach. When the sun is high and the wind is calm, the fish are a little more picky as to what they will fall for.

One of the best ways to catch these picky shad eaters is to wait and watch for boils on the surface. The fish can come up to chase shad in any direction and quickly return to the deep when they've caught their prey. This makes it hard to predict where they are going to show next. Each time you see a boil quickly cast and try to hit the center of the most recent boil.

My choice lure to target these fish is a jigging spoon because you can cast it a mile and it falls with the fish quickly toward the bottom. Set the hook as soon as you feel or see anything stop your lure.

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Lake reports

Apache: Fishing is good. Fishing for smallmouth bass is your best bet for action. Small crawdad cranks, tube lures and Panther Martin spinners are a good choice. There has also been some action on topwater lures where fish are boiling on shad. Catfishing has been good with live bait for flatheads after dark.

Bartlett: Fishing is good. Topwater fishing with Ricos has been good in the mainlake basin where you find clear water. Westy worms and Yamamoto jigs are hard to beat at night and during the middle of the day.

Pleasant: Fishing is fair. For the best action, look for fish feeding on shad in 35 to 45 feet of water. Jigging spoons seem to be the easiest way to target and keep up with these fast-moving fish.

Roosevelt: Fishing is excellent. Anything from worms, cranks, topwaters and spoons will catch bass lately. Crappies can be caught on grubs, spoons or minnows in 16 to 25 feet. Several anglers report catfishing has been excellent using chicken liver or waterdogs. You can get waterdogs and minnows from the Butcher Hook gas station just north of the lake.

Saguaro: Fishing is fair. Yellow bass are really biting well. Try fishing small spoons and tailspinners. Some largemouth have been caught on Texas-rigged worms in red, brown or purple. For walleye, try firetiger crankbaits in the late evening.

Cliff's Tip of the Week

For long, accurate casts with a spoon, try using 10- to 15-pound test on baitcasting equipment. If you prefer spinning equipment, you can even go to 8-pound test for cleaner casts.

Mogollon Rim

Chevelon Canyon: Fishing is fair. Anglers should try small lures such as Z-Rays, Panther Martin spinners, and Rapalas. Small flies such as wooly worms, wooly buggers, and peacock ladies should work. Trout between 10-14 inches may not be possessed.

Bear Canyon: Fishing is fair to good. Anglers should try worms, Power Bait, salmon eggs, small lures and flies.

Willow Springs: Fishing is good. Has been stocked with catchable-sized rainbow trout. Try Power Bait, worms or salmon eggs. Lures such as Z-Rays and Panther Martin spinners and flies such as wooly worms and wooly buggers are also effective. This lake also has largemouth bass and there have been some reports of smallmouth bass being caught.

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