One Bear Caught



The bear has been caught!

Gertrude Kuntz called me Monday night and said she caught the bear. She told me that because the bear was there almost every night for two weeks, Arizona Game and Fish officials moved the bear trap to her yard, and it worked. Gertrude said she had really had it with that bear. Knowing that he has been relocated to another area will help all of us sleep a lot better.

Game and Fish officials said this wasn't the only bear around, though, so we still need to be careful.

Learn about the fire code

Gary Anderson, president of Christopher Creek Homeowners Association said he spoke with Fire Chief Kent Courtney about the fire code. He said the community really needs to be informed of this matter, which will appear on the November ballot. Anderson said all of the residents of Christopher Creek must educate themselves about this issue before the election.

There are meetings scheduled for Sept. 30 and Oct. 26 after the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association meeting. Please try to attend one of these meetings and get the facts.

On the November ballot will be a proposal that would authorize the fire district to adopt the uniform fire code.

The fire code is a national set of codes that would supersede the state codes regarding building, street width, home safety issues, property maintenance, etc.

Adoption of the UFC would authorize local fire district personnel to enforce code violations by issuing citations.

These violations could include having trees too close to your house or too close to the road, having debris on your property, etc.

Anderson would like everyone to attend this meeting or contact the members of the Fire Board, Power Webb, Mikey Marazza, and Bob Conklin. Anderson said this is an important issue facing our community and everyone needs to know the facts.

Halloween Bash

Halloween is almost upon us and some of us are busy cutting out and painting pumpkins and ghosts. The CCHA is getting ready for their Annual Halloween Bash. It is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 26. Fun begins at the Landmark at 4 p.m. with costume contest and light dinner. At 5:30 p.m., the coach leaves for a fun night of trick-or-treating. If you have children in the community and want to come, please call one of the officers and let them know. The officers are Gary Anderson, president (478-4075), Debbie Dawson, vice president (478-0788) and Sally Tharp, secretary (478-0360).

If you are passing out treats, call or leave porch lights on.

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