Payson's Uncertain Future



I read Mr. Ware's comments in Tuesday's edition and his conclusions that "we are getting traffic back" for the $75,000 spent on tourist advertising. Since the last two town elections I've been speculating what scenarios our mayor and council will place us in by their actions or lack thereof.

Without a change in "leadership" one or all of the following appear inevitable in the ensuing years:

Payson will run out of water

Payson will run out of money

Payson will burn down

To date, the primrose path policies promulgated by Kenny's Council Comrades catering to local business barons, their bed & breakfast brethren, our daredevil developers and our rapscallion Realtors can only result in unbridled growth which will contribute to Payson's mining more and more water potentially depleting our aquifers. What say you Buzz?

At the behest of the aforementioned coterie, the "development" of Main Street continues full throttle. Gee, do businesses where one can obtain plumbing and electric supplies, auto repairs, paint, carpeting, vet services, dental services, insurance and upholstery have the necessary attributes which would turn that area into a "destination point"? I think not, Karen!

Meanwhile, additional actions to entice tourism to Payson, enhanced by Mayor Murphy's merry minions' rabid opposition to forest closures, can only result in future foolish Phoenix festivity taking place in our forests. Do we really need more "Valley Valindas" here? Keep in mind these "leaders" and their supporting power brokers also opposed the well-intentioned sprinkler provisions for selected new construction in the recent election. Agree Chief Ross and Marshal Babb?

But be of good faith voters, our mayor knows where the high-priced Valley bands are. Remember Ken? Perhaps a band featuring violinists could "fiddle" at the Event Center someday whilst ...

Gosh, did I forget anybody?

Elmer Kreutzer, Payson

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