Tonto Village Gathering A Great Neighborhood Affair



It was a busy week for us in Tonto Village.

The get-together of Tonto Village III residents and their guests was a rousing success. Everyone gathered around in lawn chairs, enjoying the fantastic variety of food brought by all the guests. Someone even brought a telescope and we were treated to a close-up view of the moon and its craters. It was a great idea to bring the neighbors together to get to know one another.

I was also occupied by another activity Saturday and Sunday.

I took the concealed weapons class offered by the new gun shop on Main Street, PCW Guns, owned by the Pollack family. It is the very nice looking log building that was recently built.

The classes were held next door in the Ox Bow Saloon. I finished the classes, and qualified with my trusty old .22 caliber pistol. The next day I went to get fingerprinted at the Payson Police Department and I was helped by a gal who was very comical and helpful. She is a volunteer and her name is Lisa. Thanks Lisa for your help and with a bit of laughter too.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief J.R. Alliger has called for structure fire training for all volunteers this Saturday, September 21st at the fire station. Remember this training is in full gear.


Birthday greetings to Elaine Tetzke Sept. 19. Linette Johnson, mother of Diane Ham in Tonto Village III, will be 93 years old Sept. 22 (She has a sister who is 99 years old). Ingrid Monk will add another candle to her birthday cake Sept. 25. Happy Birthday to each and every one of you.

Pool sharks

Sept. 15, the men ruled in the mixed 8-ball competition. Peter Speiss, Chuck Huth and Sam Coe were the big winners.

Tuesday, Sept. 17, the ladies nine-ball competition was held with a few of the ladies dressed in their bib overalls. It must have been lucky for Ingrid Monk, Grace Daniels and Betty Koutz. They turned out to be the big winners. I wonder if Ingrid's upcoming birthday added an extra bit of luck for her.

Fresh fish

This week is the last week that Tonto Creek will be stocked with trout, according to Larry Peterson of the Tonto Fish Hatchery. I am sorry that the season is almost over. Trout fishing is one of my favorite things to do, even with a fractured wrist. It is healing nicely and I should have the brace off in the next few weeks.

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