Main Street Continues To Draw Controversy



Re: Main Street projects nominated for awards (Payson Roundup, Sept. 20)

The competition must be stiff for the "Best Facade Renovation" category in the 2002 Main Street Awards to be handed out Oct. 2.

Shouldn't the nominations be given to a business that actually opened after it took our money to redo its building? Maybe they should have a category for a "best use of public money so we can get more when we sell our property" award. Payson Auto Classics would be a shoo-in for that one.

Heartfelt congratulations do go to the Ox Bow Saloon for their efforts. The renovations going on there appear to be paying off. The number of cars that are seen parked there daily and the overwhelming response to the special events that they have hosted shows what ingenuity and hard work can do.

Here's the shocker. It was their idea and they did it with their own money. Bet that's hard for Karen Greenspoon to swallow that someone could actually do something without her approval and our money. I did notice that one of the Main Street Redevelopment signs kept appearing, disappearing and then reappearing out in front. Credit should not be taken for something that you had nothing to do with. Which brings me to the next item.

According to the article, the Mogollon Grille was mentioned as losing out on an award last year. I believe their improvements also fall into the "their idea, their money" category that someone else is trying to take credit for. And, also according to the article, Green Valley Park was named "Best Public Improvement Project." Considering the park has been there for years (finished in 1996), this seemed a little odd. Are the current Main Street Project follies failing so badly that our Main Street Project Manager (who has been here less than 2 years) has to nominate projects that were built and in use long before she got here?

Vernon Randall, Payson

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