Main Street Folks To Be Congratulated



The fact that four Main Street projects have been selected as finalists in the 2002 National Main Street Awards competition is a tremendous accomplishment.

Main Street Manager Karen Greenspoon and the four finalists are all to be congratulated. Their collective vision and more important action are going a long way to the progressive redevelopment of our most historic area of town.

Those detractors and always negative "boo birds" of Main Street and any other progressive town of Payson project are being proven wrong again.

Payson's future is certain as far as I am concerned. We won't run out of water, we won't burn down, we won't run out of money, and Main Street will be successful.

I am also certain the local crabapples will continue to whine, cry and send you letters bemoaning their misinformed "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" rhetoric.

Jim Spencer, Payson

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