'Pop-Top Lady' Dies, Tradition Lives On


Mary Jensen, the 87-year-old Payson Care Center resident who collected countless thousands of pop-top tabs for charity, died Monday afternoon.

But the facility where Jensen spent her final years will carry on the tradition in her memory, according to Ellen Stewart, executive director of the Payson Care Center.

"Ever since the Roundup ran a story about her, people have been bringing pop-top tabs, and Mary really appreciated it," Stewart said. "So we'll keep a container right here in the lobby."

Whenever Jensen received a new infusion of the metallic rings, she would hand-count them and donate the tabs to the Phoenix Children's Hospital, which recycles the tabs and uses the profits to help the families of young cancer victims.

Pop-top tabs, minus their cans, can be taken to the Payson Care Center, 107 E. Lone Pine Drive, just west of Payson Regional Medical Center.

Tell 'em Mary Jensen sent you.

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