Creative Solution Needed To Save Other Species



Friday, Aug. 2, 2002, a murder was committed on the corner of Forest and North Colcord. The victim was a longtime resident of the area and was killed by being chopped into pieces and hauled away in a town of Payson vehicle. This evil deed was done by T.O.P. gangsters (employees) under the direction of their boss. I suspect the victim was "taken out" for allegedly obstructing a drainage ditch.

I would have reported this to the Payson Police Department, however, they aren't very concerned about nonsentient beings either. Also, there is not much case law regarding this kind of murder. The human species, because of its own egocentric belief in species superiority, thinks there are no consequences for its actions.

Every action has consequences. It doesn't take someone with a rocket scientist's IQ to have higher consciousness. It takes a heartfelt commitment to God and a willingness to consider the importance of all relationships to all other types of beings on this planet. Only this consideration, along with prayer and meditation, will raise one's consciousness.

Higher consciousness will help everyone understand the relationship or linkage between what we do to other species and what we do to our own species such as Oklahoma City, Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11 ... and hundreds of other examples.

Some cities have passed local ordinances prohibiting destruction of other species such as trees or saguaros. It is considered a very serious matter and a permit is required when there is no other option but destruction. Perhaps it is time for our town council to consider different ways of looking at all environmental issues and come up with some creative solutions.

Mike Voden, Payson

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