Greenspoon Is An Effective Coach Of Main Street Team


To say that Karen Greenspoon has had nothing to do with the revitalization of Main Street is like saying that Coach Bob Brenly has had nothing to do with the success of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It's true, Greenspoon is not solely responsible for all of the improvements, new businesses, and renewed interest in Payson's historic Main Street.

Sure, Beverly and Roy Nethken may have come to Payson on their own, using their own money to reopen the Ox Bow Inn.

Yes, Green Valley Park was built long before Greenspoon was hired to spearhead the Main Street redevelopment.

But the naysayers are failing to look at the big picture.

Greenspoon's role is to not only attract merchants to Main Street, but also to work on their behalf as advocates of their businesses and we've witnessed her doing just that on a number of occasions. At a meeting in July, when organizers were discussing plans for the Rodeo-Chediski volunteer celebration, Greenspoon was a vocal presence, making sure that all of her Main Street businesses were being offered a chance to participate.

Much like Brenly, Greenspoon is the leader of her Main Street team. She may not have recruited all of the merchants, but she's in there fighting tooth and nail to make sure they have a chance to compete in the local marketplace.

Recently, a part-time resident of Payson returned to the Rim country for a visit. Her home lies within the Main Street redevelopment area.

Driving down Main Street in her company, it was refreshing to see the changes through her eyes. She was amazed at the progress, the facelifts being done on local businesses, the true revitalization of the area.

Karen Greenspoon came along at just the right time. She has been effective, efficient and productive in her efforts, and we applaud her accomplishments.

To those naysayers whose myopic view only focuses on what Greenspoon hasn't done, we suggest you put on your bifocals and take a closer look at the progress.

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