Main Street Program Not A 'Hand Out'



I have been silent too long! There are many, many things I'd love to say about our Main Street Program and our program manager, Karen Greenspoon. Jim Spencer (9-24) said it pretty well. I agree with him totally. But, I would like to address the letter from Vernon Randall (9-24).

I am on the Main Street Board of Directors, Chairman of the Promotion Committee, and a property and business owner on Main Street. I've been involved with trying to better Main Street for 10 years. I have attended many workshops and classes, including the Main Street National Town Meeting where I gained a tremendous amount of information and insight into the Main Street Program. I've worked, almost daily with Karen, so I feel I speak not only with knowledge but hands-on experience.

Karen has nothing to swallow. She doesn't hand out money or approval on a whim or on her own. The Main Street Board has ultimate responsibility and accountability for the Main Street Program.

As far as "our" money is concerned you're right, it is our money. It still belongs to all of us. And there has been much, much more private money invested in Main Street than "our" money.

"Their idea ... their money" yes again. But, Karen spent countless hours helping them bring their ideas and their money to Main Street.

Projects that were started even finished, before we became a National Main Street town were still Main Street projects. Neither she, nor the board, ever claimed them as our projects. Karen just made sure they were recognized.

This is still a free country, and we still have the right to sell our property. No one controls what one does with his or her own property.

Failing Follies on Main Street 121. I don't think so. Take a ride. Better yet, take a walk down Main Street see for yourself.

I am proud of what has happened, and is happening, on Main Street. We've come a long way, baby, and we've only just begun. Main Street is the heart and soul of Payson.

Minette Richardson, Payson

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