Winners From Northern Gila County Fair


The following are results from the 2002 Northern Gila County Fair:

Small Animal Division: Andrew Riddle, grand champion bird with his mallard duck; Diane Mullaly, reserve champion bird with her silkie hen; poultry showmanship, Ryan Steelman, grand champion, Andrew Riddle, reserve champion; rabbit showmanship, Ashley James, grand champion, Nerissa Kueny, reserve champion; Katrina Kueny, grand champion rabbit, Nerissa Kueny, reserve champion rabbit; Aaron James, grand champion guinea pig.


The Barr family Grayson, 4, Bella, 7, and Savannah, 9 won the Judge's Choice award in the gardening contest for their contributions to the fair: scarecrows dressed as a Pilgrim and his wife.

Other winners in the Small Animal Division: best of breed, Doug Marks, swine, Crystal Sprinkle, sheep, Candace Bullard, goat, Bullard also won Judge's Choice; Breianon Miller won the title of All Around Grand Champion Showman, with Matt Bullard winning the reserve title.

Taking best of show honors in the gardening contest were: in the junior division, Titus Jumper, 12, with cherry tomatoes; Cloyce Clark, delicious apples and Jim Albritton, garlic, adult division; in the golden age division there were two best of show winners, Gladys Clark, 95, with raspberries and Vic Jones, 91, with red Jasota potatoes; the Barr Family of Payson won the Judge's Choice award for their scarecrow, which was a Pilgrim husband and wife.

Best of show winners in the floriculture contest were awarded to 10 individuals: Patrick Karlowski, junior division, with his all American rose, St. Patrick; Dillon Currie, junior division, rose fragrance, stem or spray; Rachel Weatherly, junior division, fresh flowers with a harvest bounty arrangement; Amy Karlowski, junior division, plant with double impatiens; Jodi Lorenz' fourth grade class from Frontier Elementary School, junior division, sunflowers; Gary Karlowski, best rose collection, dahlia and plant, with a coleus; May-Brett Eklov, floribunda rose and flowering, in bloom, plant; Pauline Rodriguez, potted plants, with a spider plant, and Judge's Choice with a desert cacti; Vera Jeanne, fresh flower arrangements.

The top honors in the Homemaking Arts Division were awarded to: Willene Smith, Judge's Choice for a miniature cross stitch of a cardinal bird; Pat Brewer, dolls; Pat Albritton, stuffed doll; Jan Denmy, cross stitch stocking and cross stitch chart; Dawn Ashton, knitted vest; Laverne Furr, crocheted table cloth; Edie Miller, crewel; Connie Marco, wall hanging; Janet Martin, clothing, jacket; and Debbie Stanton, quilt, with an original design for a Hawaiian themed quilt.

The lead prizes in the Domestic Science Division went to: G.W. Duff, best of show, golden age, for a brandy fruit cake; Joseph Silva, best of show, junior, for apple strudel; Marcia Olson, best of show, pumpkin surprise bread; Earlene Eldridge, best of show, oatmeal cake; Sandy McClary, best of show, apple pie; Bob Bregam, best of show, peanut butter; Dani Barr, best of show, molasses spice cookies; Pat Albritton, best of show, zucchini chocolate honey cake; and Celia Bonillas, Judge's Choice, with yeast dinner rolls.

Canning's best of show awards were won by Michelle Roberts, dill pickles, which also won the Judge's Choice prize; Sarah Kilgore, carrots, and Jeannette Schuster, apricot jam.

The Best of Show honors in the Fine Arts Division went to: Beverly Yoes, amateur adult oil painting and clay pot; Lia Bardin, amateur junior pencil piece; Esther Whitacre, golden age oil painting; Angie Cockle, semi-professional scratch board; Annelle Henson, professional watercolor; Harry Shill, metal sculpture of an elk, which also won the Judge's Choice award.

The Hobbies and Handicrafts Division best of show awards were won by: Alf Eklov, golden age, stained glass; Katrina Kueny, junior, papier-machorse; Brent Miller, junior wood birdhouse; Pat Brewer, stained glass lamp; Don David, wood nightstand; Russ Steward, model boat with sail; Dillion Currie, Lego rescue boat; Gloria Kopecky, reverse painted bowl; Jessa Shepard, hand-painted bowl; Dick Krugh, bola tie; Mitzi Paul won the Judge's Choice award.

The Photography Division's best of show prizes were awarded to: Candice Webster, junior division; John B. Avery, senior division; Mark Toliver, amateur color nature photo; Bark Hovek, amateur color close up; Ingrid Johnson, amateur color wildlife; Willa Frazer, amateur color abstract; Becky Gibson, amateur black and white; Robert McCormick, professional color nature; Mike Brandt, professional color closeup; Ed Toliver, professional black and white, plus Judge's Choice.

Awards for best of show in the school exhibits went to: Frontier Elementary School kindergarten for "F is for Farm"; Katie Kientz, Pine-Strawberry seventh grade, "Graceful Stables"; Mrs. Shelley Randall's Pine-Strawberry seventh grade algebra class for a quilt; Home School, Titus Jumper, scarecrows; and Judge's Choice to the fifth grade and student Tim Wiley, at Frontier Elementary School for "Hero of Character".

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