Wolfe Howls At The Cave People



I read Mr. Kreutzer's (aka our Johnny) complaints about the result of the last two town elections. When Mr. Kreutzer (aka our Johnny) insults the duly elected town officials, he is insulting the citizens who voted them into office maybe his friends and neighbors.

Elmer (aka our Johnny) appears to be a member of that group referred to as the CAVE people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) who choose to hide behind their letters, instead of joining the fray. Frontline soldiers have a name for rear echelon troops that choose to play it safe behind the sand bags, but it's not printable. Rather than engage in back alley name calling, Mr. Elmer Kreutzer (aka our Johnny) could have offered some helpful solutions to his real or imagined town issues.

In response to Mr. Kreutzer's (aka our Johnny) allegations that we will run out of water and money, consider the following:

The town water department has demonstrated that the town will not run out of water until 2023, and that's assuming that we have no further rainfall. Let us use facts instead of speculation.

Payson is not going to run out of money. It has received numerous awards for utilizing sound fiscal policies, which allow the town to lower the property tax rate year after year and still meet their responsibilities.

Did he forget anyone? Yes. The town council makes their decisions, in part, by recommendations from committees, commissions and the town staff. Citizen volunteers serve on these committees and commissions without pay because they care about their community. I'm sure any or all of these commissions or committees would benefit from Mr. Kreutzer's (aka our Johnny) in-depth knowledge of local government.

Don Wolfe, Payson

P.S. Mom and dad are standing on the curb watching the troops march by. Mom says, "Oh, look. Everyone's out of step but our Johnny."

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