Athletic Club Deserves Continued Support



As a business owner and longtime resident of Payson, I am very livid that another health club is being built especially after Payson Athletic Club just a few months ago opened its doors.

I'm sure that some people don't realize that it takes a lot of money, dedication, hard work and dreams to open a business.

Keven Rush and his family had to go through all of the above to relocate Payson Athletic Club to its new location at the old Wal-Mart building. Keven Rush wanted to give to Payson something that Payson would be proud of and needed.

Keven Rush is a very dedicated, hard worker and outstanding Christian gentleman with three sons.

Keven Rush has been in Payson for several years working endless hours building the Payson Athletic Club.

I do understand the concept of free enterprise and such, and I'm sure there is also some legality involved in stopping a business from coming in, but I believe the town somehow should have stepped in and prevented this from happening to one of its own.

Keven Rush has supported this town for the past several years.

The owners of the new gym have stated that there is over 13,000 people here, enough to support a new gym.

It must be noted that all 13,000 do not go to a gym. Only about 8 percent of that 13,000 presently go to a gym.

I am urging the local community, present members of the Payson Athletic Club, to please continue to support Keven Rush, his family and their dreams of the Payson Athletic Club.

Keven, may God bless you.

Gary Cole, Payson

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