Fire Marshal Due More Than An Apology



It seems apparent to me that Mayor Ken Murphy's priorities are skewed at best. He states that his primary concern is the losses businesses have suffered due to all the events of the past year. On the night in question, shouldn't his primary concern have been that of the safety of the Ox Bow patrons? He states, "Town staff should work cooperatively with our businesses, not enforce them into oblivion."

Doesn't town staff need to work cooperatively and respectfully with each other as well? Does Mr. Murphy truly believe that Marshal Babb's occupancy code enforcement was done so to send the Ox Bow to oblivion?

Mr. Murphy said in his Roundup interview that the front of the Ox Bow "looked like an armed camp."

Maybe if Mr. Murphy had behaved himself in a professional manner and respected the office he holds, the need for law enforcement to be present would not have existed.

I believe it would be in Payson's best interest to spend a few dollars and send Mr. Murphy to fire prevention training. Ironic that our nation observes the entire month of October to observe fire safety and yet Payson's mayor cannot respect and support Payson's Fire Department and fire marshal.

One of the main reasons for the position of fire marshal, Mr. Murphy, is to promote safety. It was the loss of many lives in previous fires that initiated many fire and building codes, including: adequate egress, lighted exits, doors remaining unlocked during business hours, and yes, occupancy levels, just to name a few. Those lives paid a high price to show us how to protect ourselves.

You owe much more than an apology to the fire marshal, Mr. Murphy. You owe an apology to the fire department, the owners and patrons of the Ox Bow, and last but not least, the entire town for your lack of respect and concern.

Joni de Szendeffy, Payson

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