Greenspoon Deserves Respect, Not Resentment



Letters to the editor are as much a part of the newspaper industry as the editorials, headlines and the classified ads. For that reason, there is no question that they should continue, in fact, be encouraged as long as they represent content of redeeming value.

It appears to me that those who wish to write such letters should be guided by representing the facts of whatever it is they choose to address as opposed to distorted conclusions, hearsay and/or negative innuendo which really resolves or presents nothing of value.

I am referring to the personal onslaught directed at Karen Greenspoon, an attack that she has endured ever since her arrival in our town. Ms. Greenspoon is a town employee, hired to be the Main Street Coordinator. I believe we are, indeed, most fortunate to have her as our town employee, doing an outstanding job and earning the well-deserved pay that she receives.

There is nothing wrong with those who may oppose the Main Street Project and expressing their opposing points of view. Opposition should be directed toward the project, the town council for supporting it and/or event the town manager never against an employee who is conscientiously attempting to do their job.

There are 21 Main Street Projects on-going in Arizona at this time. I can personally verify that Ms. Greenspoon is highly regarded by the state of Arizona Main Street Director and highly regarded by her Main Street Project contemporaries. She warrants our appreciation, not condemnation.

Ray Schum, Payson

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