Want More Water? Stop Issuing Building Permits



The Roundup, Sept. 24, once again reveals to the Payson residents the tap dancing going on at the town hall over water.

Just last spring, the town glee club was singing about all the water the town had.

"The tanks were full," they said. "We have enough water for 25,000 residents." "Enough" they said to "the year 2023." Dozens of pieces of paper were waved before our very eyes proving that water was here.

Now, the tune has changed. The "blues" are being sung.

Kill the petunias.

Destroy the Bermuda.

"Low-flow toilets for the poor."

Now there is a winner. I know a former mayor who has a new low-flow and an old flow toilet (as do I). "One for the heavy stuff and one for the light stuff," he said.

If the town wants a lot of unhappy residents, just give them a low-flow toilet. Incidentally, they do not save water. Consumers Digest wrote that many low-flow toilet owners were storming the landfills looking for the old-fashioned tank and bowl.

Town fathers, wake up. More people in town means more water usage.

The shortage is not the work of the residents, it is poor management by the town hall.

They are the ones who create the water shortage.

To conserve water, stop issuing building permits. It is as simple as that.

Also, forget the forest. Look at the pine trees. Do you really think the Forest Service is going to allow the town to drill in the forest for water?

Are the Payson residents "dancing with ... wolves?"

Dave Engleman, Payson

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