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Q: Can the Forest Service place trash dumpsters near campsites so when people leave they can dispose of their trash properly instead of dumping it on a forest road?

A: The Forest Service does place dumpsters and other trash receptacles in fee campgrounds, said Gary Roberts, fire prevention officer for the Payson Ranger District. But it would be logistically impossible to put dumpsters in all the places where people camp in the forest. In areas referred to as "dispersed camping areas" where there are no amenities people are expected to pack out what they pack in.

Q: If nice looking storefronts are all we require on Main Street, why don't we just build rows of false fronts like they have at Disneyland? And how can the owner of Kaiser Garage use redevelopment money to redo his building just so he can turn around and sell it? It seems like Mickey Mouse is already here.

A: "We are rehabbing these buildings because the area was declared slum and blight," said Karen Greenspoon, Main Street project manager. "Slum and blight means that it's not an attractive area, and the money we got could only be used for facades and landscaping. It could not be used for construction, interior renovation or any of that kind of thing."

Besides, Greenspoon pointed out, the Main Street businesses granted the $10,000 facade grants competed for money allocated to the state by the federal government.

"If we don't get it, it goes to another community," she said.

The Kaiser Garage issue is also one Greenspoon doesn't understand.

"The Kaiser building sat vacant for many years and it was an eyesore. Somebody comes in and invests the money to purchase it and fix it up. What difference does it make if the owner sells or leases it?" she said. "The building is still improved."

If you haven't been down Main Street lately, Greenspoon encourages you to make the trip.

"We're finally cleaning these buildings up, and we're doing it with money that isn't costing the citizens another dime."

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