Aren't We Free To Disagree?



In his letter to the Roundup of March 11, Ross Skinner calls those of us who question the decision to preemptively attack Iraq "leftist liberal Democrats." I can live with that; a democratic republic needs opposing views.

What offends me, as a loyal American, is his misguided attempt to label me and other liberal thinkers as:

Political prostitutes

Self-serving leftists



I'm not sure what a "political prostitute" is, but I don't vote for a candidate just because he promises me tax cuts at a time when the nation's economy is going to hell.

A self-serving leftist? If I care not only about my own welfare, but the welfare of others in my community and my country, how does that make me "self-serving"?

Cowardly? I volunteered to join the United States Marine Corps in 1953. I didn't have to do that. Do you think I'm a coward?

Anti-American. This disgusts me to no end, that you would accuse those who exercise their right, as a free people, to disagree with the current administration, even as the rest of the world disagrees. Are we, as Americans, not as free to disagree as they?

Finally, Mr. Skinner, as you might have guessed, I disagree with all that you said in your nasty letter. But know this: Liberal blood flows as freely on the battlefield as does conservative blood. There is no room for politics in a firefight.

Herb Bartholomew, Former United States Marine Corps Infantryman, Payson

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