Spring Has Sprung In Tonto Village



According to the Farmers' Almanac, April will have some rainfall, but it won't be as much as Tonto Village had in March. The buds are popping on our apple trees, the iris are showing their leaves, along with the tulips and the daffodils. The village will be in full bloom soon.

Military news

John and Joyce Graves let me know this past week that their family is proudly showing their Red, White and Blue by having three of their family in military service at the same time.

Their son, John Graves, Jr. is serving in the Army and is stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. Their grandson, John Piatt III is serving in the Air Force at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas. Their son-in-law, Art Branding, is serving in the Army with the Arizona National Guard in Phoenix.

We will all be saying prayers for their safety. We are proud of them all.

Phon and Dara Sutton said their son, Air Force Captain Curtis Sutton, was deployed about a month ago from an Air Force base in North Carolina, where his wife Theresa is waiting for him. Captain Sutton is flying paratroopers in a twin engine Casa somewhere in Iraq. We wish him good flying weather and he will also be in our prayers to come home safely.

Crossing the creek

The creek crossings in Bear Flats are now passable. During all the rain a few weeks ago, the creek rose too high to cross in most places. The neighbors got together and rigged up a bucket system with a rope across the creek to get medications and food to Kathryn Bates, Pat Frost and Pat Rohkens. They were stranded with no way to get to town for supplies.

Thanks to their caring neighbors, they got the medications they needed.

There was a morning of panic for the residents of Bear Flats last Wednesday. The mailboxes were not where they always were. Many rumors circulated pretty fast, like a prankster stole them, or some truck wiped them out on the highway. But there was a much better cause for the missing mailboxes. The post office moved them to be on the Bear Flats road so that they would be off the main highway and be safer for the residents of Bear Flats and Thompson Draw to get their mail every day.

Tonto Village Fire District

Fire Chief J.R. Alliger reported that there will be five of our volunteer firemen who will take part in the Basic Wildland Training being offered this weekend, April 4 to April 6.

The training will initially start at the Payson Fire Department. Jeff Shaw has more details, if you need to call him about times, equipment to wear and to take with you, his number is (928) 478-0111.


Happy Anniversary to Jeff and Kara Shaw. Jeff is the village master painter and Kara is the senior loan processor at National Bank of Arizona. They celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary April 1.

Jeff and Kara and their two sons, Jake and Josh, recently went to Galveston, Texas for a small vacation. They stayed at their aunt's beach house that sits right on the Gulf of Mexico. They had a wonderful time resting and relaxing on the beach with the two boys and also went to the Johnson Space Center, which they say is a fabulous place to visit, especially with children, there is so much to see and do. Happy anniversary, Jeff and Kara.

Harvey Poyner, who is our local retired cowboy and is a frequent winner at our local pool games, is now at home after spending a few days in the hospital. He is doing well, and recovering nicely. We wish you well, Harvey, hurry up and get those bones working good for the next pool game.

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