What's Up?


Q: I heard that Rim Country Middle School is eliminating girls physical education, but not boys. What's up with that?

A: "Not true. Not true," said RCMS Principal Frank Larby.

Current physical education teacher Carol Duggan will be teaching another exploratory (elective) class next year, but Payson High School physical education teacher Peggy Miles will be teaching a half day at RCMS next year, according to Larby. It should all balance out.

Larby also said he is working on a new schedule that "will enable us to offer additional opportunities for kids." Its working title is "Encore," and "it will give us the opportunity to do some combined band, some chorus, to put some art back in, and (provide) other opportunities for physical education during the school day," Larby said.

"To quote (RCMS music teacher) Mike Buskirk, ‘We can have it all. It's just a matter of how we schedule it.'"

Q: Why does water keep running down the drainage ditch on Payson Parkway? It's coming mainly from a water main on the new ballfield, and on the north side from Woodhill subdivision. It has been running for months and it can't be from the rain and snow anymore. Why is so much water running when were supposed to be conserving?

A: Public Works Director Buzz Walker says he'll check it out, but he suspects it's doing just what it's supposed to do.

"It's a drainage ditch and it's not uncommon for areas out there," Walker said. "There's a reason that all those willow trees grow there because there is always subflow leaking out of the clay layer of the geology up there."

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